The 英语系 focuses on developing sensitive 和 critical interpretations of fiction, 非小说类, 诗歌, 和 戏剧 through 阅读, 讨论, 和写作. 

As writers 和 thinkers, students will learn to push past text into subtext, discern reaction from analysis, 和 develop a pleasure for 阅读 literature with purpose.

Students in the 英语系 will develop into sensitive 和 critical readers of fiction, 非小说类, 诗歌, 和 戏剧 through 阅读, 写作, 和讨论. The curriculum is centered around our what-how-why methodology, which focuses attention to the synthetic relationship between the thematic 和 formal elements of literature 和 composition. This design gives students the ability to verbalize pointed responses, 撰写有说服力的文章, 和 interpret literature with confidence. 

Students at The Academy will have the opportunity to take 英语 classes ranging from requisite courses like 美国文学 分析 和组成 选修课程 Literature 和 the Comedic Form 和 神话与英雄.  As seniors, students can be placed in AP 英语 Literature 和组成 upon the recommendation of their teachers.


英语系 Courses